New CS:GO Lineup

POSTED BY fjord 2014-10-06 in news
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We can now proudly announce our new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup, that will be representing Quantaya-Gaming in the future. The team are working hard and practicing for the future eSport tournaments and events, where you are going to see us within a reasonable time!

The new CS:GO lineup:

Lukas “Ginex” Klarstrup
Kasper “ake” Schmidt
Simon “snal” lindholt
Malthe “Twinx” Jensen
Martin “Tnk” Hansen

We have talked with the ingame caller¬†Lukas “Ginex” Klarstrup, about what he think about the new lineup: “I think we have made a good start, if we consider how short time we have played together. We’ve only played in a few days. There will always be corrections, but all players deliver what they can, and we practice our individually play, and team based. We look forward to join a larger lan event next week.”

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