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POSTED BY fjord 2021-08-16 in news
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We are proud to announce our new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup:

🇩🇰 Jonas “Zaq” Nielsen
🇩🇰 Rasmus “RalleR” Hedgaard
🇩🇰 Magnus “Borsty” Hansen
🇸🇪 Rasmus “Ralle” Uhr
🇸🇪 Albin “orang” Hellgren

A comment from our IGL Zaq about the team and his thoughts:
I am very happy regarding this new lineup – Our expectations is aligned, and we’re all equal on our goals for the future. So i am talking for everybody on the team when i say, that i am very excited for what the future brings 👊

The team will play in the ESEA main and Dust2 Power League.