New CS:GO lineup

POSTED BY fjord 2016-11-17 in news
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We have signed a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that will present us in the future.

This is our first CS:GO team with players only from Sweden, so we are really looking forward to what the future can bring.

The new lineup that will be representing Quantaya-Gaming:
Philip “Pazienza” Isaksson
simon “python” Franzen
Melker “UtterN” Utterström
Viktor “Kniven” Ileby
Joakim “dr1skk” Sandberg

We are very happy to be back on the CS:GO scene again after our Hearthstone team has a big breakout and beated some of the best players around in Denmark.

Our hearthstone team and management will be at Dreamhack Winter this year, which is in Sweden so stay tuned!