New CSGO lineup

POSTED BY fjord 2017-09-19 in news
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Quantaya-Gaming is back in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a brand new lineup to represent the dangerous dragon.

The new lineup will be
Victor “V1ggo” Skarbye
Mathias “Scott” Libergren
Christian “Vster” Vestergaard
Benjamin “Inteq” Hansen
Mikkel “KENZYY” Karlsson

We got a statement from Benjamin “Inteq” Hansen about the new lineup and spectations to the future

After an unfortunate breakup with the boys in Sørby, I’ve been in search of a new team. I had a couple of attempts at some teams before this, but without luck. I met v1gg0 on my way and got him into this new project. We quickly found vster and scott. We first played with zekon, but concluded that our goal was not alligned. That’s why we’re trying out Kenzyy. We’ve got to team up with Quantaya and it’s super cool. During my time on stage I’ve never heard anything bad about Quantaya, and I am very pleased that we have agreed on cooperation.Our goal is to become one of the bubbles, and be able to give top10 a bang for the buck. This is a goal we expect to achieve before next year. We will participate in the WAOO league and possibly NPF and BredebroLAN.