Heartstone Players

POSTED BY fjord 2016-03-08 in news
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We signed Erik “Chachaboizz” Lindby as our new Hearthstone player to represent us at CG-Lan #5. During the tournament he was not going into all the matches as favorite but he managed to win the matches and go into the Grand final played on the mainstage. After a close game, he ended up at 1st place and won the Hearthstone tournament at CG-Lan #5. At the same weekend we also signed Thor “Mjoelner” Vest Tidemand who also will be a part of our Hearthstone team.

Our current Hearhstone lineup consist of:
Jonathan “BikiniChick” Schmidt
Erik “Chachaboizz” Lindby
Thor “Mjoelner” Vest Tidemand

Wish them good luck in the future! 🙂

Stay tuned.