Esbjerg eSport event

POSTED BY fjord 2018-09-20 in news
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We are attending at Esbjerg Esport Event this weekend with our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team! The event is located at Musikhuset in Esbjerg, where we will be playing today and tomorrow. We have 4 group matches to play, and the first match is important to have a good start, and to go through to the semifinal as 1st in our group.

Going through the groupstage we won all 4 matches, and everything was working out like we wanted it to. We’re heading home to prepare for the seminal at the mainstage on saturday.

Quantaya CSGOWe played the semifinal at the mainstage versus BES Ripdes. The game was best of 1 and the veto went for de_overpass. We started on CT side of the map and went 9-6 on first half but lost the match 16-10 and ended at 3-4th place.

The event was overall very good. The mainstage was well made and there was no remarkable delay.